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Project 04

Decked Dust

  • Value proposition development
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand identity design
  • Brand guidelines
  • Website design
  • Website development
  • Website hosting
  • Photography
  • Copywriting
Decked Dust is an online learning platform for gamers. The video contents are game agonistic, which are available for free. There is also a scope for subscription based online courses. The majority of content focus on interaction rather than lecturing, with the primary goal of improving player skills. It provides the chance to learn a in-depth about professional gaming from the experts.
⦁ The goal is to create a brand identity design which tell story in a way that creates loyalty, awareness and excitement.
⦁ A brand image of High value, unified & communicate of being notable.
⦁ Everything should flow right and look modern, professional & timeless.
decked dust gaming graphic design banner
decked dust logo concept
decked dust sketch and logo design purpose
decked dust logo
decked dust graphic design mock ups
decked dust branding and logo gaming design mock ups
decked dust gaming graphic simple design and branding